Australian manufacturers to boost investment in robotics

Posted on February 1st, 2017 in Uncategorized

A new study has revealed that three quarters of Australian manufacturers plan to invest in automation.

Commissioned by collaborative robot developer Universal Robots (whose robots will be showcased at AUSPACK 2017 on the Foodmach stand 260), the study showed that robotics was the most popular type of automation chosen for future investment among Australian manufacturers.

Universal Robots is the Danish pioneer of human-robot collaboration, and wanted to canvass the views of various online groups within the Australian manufacturing community.

These groups include the Australian Manufacturers Forum, the Australian Furniture Association Industry Forum, the First 500 group of SME business owners, the Australian Advanced Manufacturing Council, and The AiG Australian Manufacturing LinkedIn group.

The results showed three quarters of respondents were looking to invest in automation in the future, suggesting an increased focus on innovation within the Australian manufacturing industry.

Amongst those respondents looking to invest in automation, an overwhelming majority (57 per cent) plan to invest in robotic solutions in the future, while 36 per cent plan to invest in automation via materials handling.

A quarter of respondents plan to spend on Internet of Things solutions, while just over one fifth will invest in logistics.

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