AUTOPACK High Speed Low Cost Continuous Motion Overlap Seal Shrink Packaging System.

Posted on November 1st, 2016 in News

Autopack has released improved design for shrink-wrapping machine with bottom overlap of film for a pack.

The principle involves a single sheet of shrink film wrapped around a bundle of products with the two loose ends overlapping beneath the bundle. When this bundle is passed through a shrink tunnel, a tack seal is achieved in the overlapped region, and the sleeve shrinks to produce a tight, appealing package.

The process, while seemingly simple, requires sophisticated product and film feed control especially when it is performed at speeds upward of 30ppm. As a result, continuous motion overlap seal machines were generally complex and expensive and used mainly in industries where the speed justified the cost.

Since 2007 Autopack developed this technology into a family of sizes and product handling options to broaden its use to most industries. On a wrapping line with a single track a speed range of 30-50ppm (subject to pack size) is achieved while the size of machine and price were well within constraints. Tandem line machines give almost double of speed.

The initial response from excited customers has secured orders and there are already more machines on the way. Brian Budzynowski, machine designer, said that the simplicity of this machine, both mechanical and control, opens doors for businesses that previously could only dream about continuous motion wrapping.

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