Broad choice the answer when it comes to fresh food packaging

Posted on March 1st, 2019 in News

Australian company, Venus Packaging has been a long-time supplier of packaging for the food and food services industry in Australia. From heat sealers, to vacuum packers and the full range of consumables such as stand up pouches and polybags.

It is more important than ever to get the packaging of fresh produce right.  Typical factors to evaluate when getting your packing right are; how tamper-resistant does the package need to be, is it fresh or frozen, are there multiple items in one package or a single item per package, is it delicate, are you using trays, how will the presentation look, is it for wholesale or retail distribution, does the product spoil easily, does it require batch numbers, and will it be held in cold storage.

Businesses need to consider which packaging solution will answer all these questions, taking into account their required output, specific customer requirements and of course, budget. Venus Packaging have considered thousands of scenarios over the years, and keep their range broad to cover almost any packaging scenario.

Venus can provide solutions for the packing of fresh produce, locally manufactured food, repacking of bulk food, either fresh or frozen, and covering a multitude of shapes and weights. Their extensive experience working with fresh food producers in Australia has allowed them to see firsthand best practice packaging of items such as cucumbers, cauliflowers, citrus, onions, cut-fruit & vegetables, plus the bundling of products such as asparagus, bok choy, and celery. They can advise on the right packaging machinery within their extensive range, including L-Bar Sealers and shrink tunnels, net clipping machines (pictured), and shrink-a-packs. Venhart, a well-known and established Venus brand, supply rubber bands around the country offering a broad range of colours, widths and applications.

Pizza bases, nuts, meat products, protein powders, coffee beans, chocolates and ready-made foods are other packaged items in which Venus has made it’s name. There are thousands of food producers in Australia using packaging solutions designed by Venus. These solutions range from entry-level, manually operated machines for smaller runs, to fully automated solutions for high volumes.

Being in the field for 60 years in 2019, Venus have established good relationships with their customers and suppliers (some have been supplying Venus for well over 30 years) and demonstrated an ability to upgrade and modify products for the changing fresh food packaging market in Australia.

See them at AUSPACK 2019 (stand F020).


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