When: Tuesday 26th March 2019 (09.00 – 16.45) & Wednesday 27th March 2019 (09.00 – 15.30)  

Where: Clarendon Auditorium, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre 

The AUSPACK 2019 Business and Industry Conference is all about being Smart. Connected. Sustainable.’

Learn key insights driving FMCG packaging. Understand where smart packaging fits into sustainability for your business and the planet, while discovering how ‘mindful’ consumers are driving change in packaging and processing. Find out how to tune into the future consumer (hint, it’s not just about Millennials, get the latest on innovating for the growing older population). Understand how to use design trends whether you’re exporting or selling domestically.

Discover just how e-commerce is shaking up the supply chain and how Industry 4.0 and Blockchain are transforming supply chains and traceability. See how the factory of the future is already here, and how your business can benefit.

Get the facts on the economic ‘state of the nation’; what it means now and its future impact on Australia’s manufacturing sector and individual businesses.

Delve into how you can innovatively and sustainably meet the challenges around energy for your operation.

Be fully prepared for the future by uncovering how you can capitalise on broad industry collaboration, while gaining strength through your own workplace’s diversity.

Take advantage of the AUSPACK 2019 Business and Industry Conference to network with your peers, celebrate with colleagues and collaborate with others in the industry.


  • Gain crucial and critical intelligence that will identify market opportunities, inform business strategy and allow for preparedness
  • Obtain necessary frameworks, guides and tools covering planning to execution, proven to aid business success
  • Realize what digitalisation and Industry 4.0 really mean (fact or fiction?), the applications shaking up the market and the implementable steps any business, of any size and model, can take
  • Understand what your business can implement to ensure sustainability that goes beyond environmentally sustainability but economic longevity   
  • Understand who the customer of the future is, why they want clarity over the manufacturing process and how your business can continue to attract and capitalise on the future consumer
  • Hear from those operating in international markets as they share international trends. Understand how the local sector compares, what we are doing right (and wrong) and what learning’s can be obtained ensure business continues to prosper


Over two days, a comprehensive program of international and national keynote speakers, industry leaders and innovators will present case studies, interactive Q&A sessions and keynote plenary sessions. (See Day 1 and Day 2.)

Through these, they’ll drill down into two conference streams, Processing & Packaging and Business Growth, to focus on innovations in technology and design, systems thinking, envisaging the factory of the future and the industry’s ‘hot point’ challenges and opportunities around sustainability.


This conference will bring together decision makers, owners and key staff from the packaging and processing, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, along with associated industries such as design and print, brand and marketing, advertising industry associations.

Both days have set networking times, so you can maximise the value of attending. 

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