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Technomik Pty Ltd

Stand: E045
  • | Aseptic Packaging Machines
  • | Agitators
  • | Blending Machines
  • | Chemical Processing Machines
  • | Crystallisation Equipment
  • | Dairy Processing Equipment
  • | Food Processing Machines
  • | Mixers (With And Without Vessels)
  • | Pasteurisers
  • | Pharmaceutical Processing Machines
  • | Pumps

Technomik is an engineering company based in Melbourne, with more than 15 years of practical experience in the food and dairy industry in Australia and the Middle East, a trusted partner for small to big scale projects starting from concept, design, development, and completion.

We represent well-known European food processing and packaging equipment suppliers to develop tailored solutions based on our customers’ requirements.

Technomik highest priority is to satisfy our customers and support them locally and through our European partners.


2/36 Ralton Avenue
Glen Waverley
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  • OMVE’s carbonator equipment range allows you to carbonate a wide variety of products, from low-viscosity beverages to pulp-based drinks. You can also fill and close various types of packaging, includi ...
  • Our range of heat treatment systems allows for in-container pasteurization, inline pasteurization and sterilization and batch cooking of a wide variety of liquid products, starting with a minimum batc ...
  • OMVE offers a range of inline and batch deaerators that mimic industrial deaeration processes to help you obtain similar results from R&D activities. Our deaerators have a capacity range of between 10 ...
  • OMVE’s lab and pilot fermenting equipment allow producers full control throughout the duration of this delicate process. As well as minimizing resources, you will be able to create the right amount of ...
  • OMVE’s crystallization and aeration equipment make it possible to isolate and control all variables, including temperature, shear, kneading and overrun, allowing you to replicate your existing process ...
  • High circulation capacity of the rotor-stator principle. Effective micro and macro-mixing are crucial for achieving consistent product quality in a wide variety of applications. The YSTRAL Jetstream M ...
  • Mixing and dispersing in a single operation The YSTRAL Dispermix is used when the powder/liquid-to-liquid mixing is insufficient, and a shear ring dispersion is too intense. The Dispermix subjects the ...
  • YSTRAL-Inline dispersing machines work on the rotor-stator principle. The inline mixing dispersing machine is suitable for the preparation of suspensions, solutions and emulsions in the chemical, food ...
  • Induct, wet and disperse powder With YSTRAL Conti-TDS, powders are not only wetted but dispersed in the liquid under vacuum. This inline mixing process avoids agglomeration. This offers you an optimis ...
  • The Conti-TDS for the food production industry The DaiTec offers all the advantages of Conti-TDS technology and is specially tailored to the requirements of the milk processing and food industry. It i ...


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