First twin Stretch Hooder in Australian Exhibition

Posted on October 19th, 2016 in News

Lachenmeier, one of the world’s leading suppliers of end-of-line pallet packaging machinery, will on Auspack 2017 together with the well-known company Bliss & Reels present for the first time on an Australian exhibition a twin stretch hood pallet wrapping machine.

“Being on the market since 1969, Lachenmeier fully understands the growing and also rapidly changing demands of the packaging industry, and with our presence at Auspack 2017 we will show producers how they can capitalize on changing to a Lachenmeier stretch hooding solution fulfilling their packaging needs in a dynamic and shifting marketplace”, explains Lachenmeier Sales Manager Tony Butler, responsible of Sales in Australia.

The knowledge and experience of Lachenmeier in end-of-line packaging solutions is backed by the Lachenmeier stretch hood excellence center in the HQ in Denmark and other facilities around the world. Lachenmeier’s complete range of packaging solutions includes a variety of flexible and reliable packaging machines, profound knowledge of packaging related stretch hood films, and Lachenmeier service which combined ensure that customers meet their immediate objectives as well as future objectives for optimum packaging performances at the lowest possible price, i.e. lowest possible TCO.

Thomas Petersen, Lachenmeier’s Global Sales Director said: “We are thrilled to be exhibiting at the Auspack exhibition. “Our presence at the Auspack 2014 and the huge interest showed in our machines since back then clearly indicates that this is a key industry exhibition for Lachenmeier. It provides the ideal opportunity for us to showcase our pallet wrapping solutions, and introduce members of the Lachenmeier team involved with our Australian operations”.

Joining the team of experts from the Lachenmeier and Bliss and Reel team will be among others Tony Butler, Sales Manager at Lachenmeier for Australia and Jared Kesselring, responsible at Bliss and Reels for selling Lachenmeier equipment and solutions in Australia.

The team will be on hand to present a selection of wrapping solutions and they will be running live demos on our stretch hooder the type Multi FleX1 during the complete 4 days show.

“At Auspack 2017, our focus will be on showcasing solutions that represent an alternative to conventional stretch wrapping. With stretch wrapping, the investment price is quite low, and previously, we were not able to compete on price, but thanks to combining machine and film knowledge, we can now offer competitive solutions. One way of doing this is by reducing the overall film costs without compromising on the required load stability, and another way is to remove excess primary and secondary packaging material and save money on the total packaging costs.

One of the key advantages of stretch hood in comparison to stretch wrap is that it provides improved stability, you can reduce the packaging costs compared to other wrapping technologies, it provides a waterproof load, it offers higher capacities, and it also offers a range of different wrapping patterns, like adding a sleeve in the middle of the load, or an reinforcement at the bottom.


We will showcase a variety of wrapping patterns possible with stretch hooding, and make customers see that stretch wrap is no longer the only available solution. Industries often are not fully aware of the possibilities that stretch hood can offer, and we are keen to show these at Auspack”, Ms Holm Kristensen, Packaging Optimization Manager at Lachenmeier, says.

The Lachenmeier stretch hood machine and the program set for showing you the possible savings on your existing packaging line can be viewed at Booth 466.

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