HMPS to Showcase New Modular Frame at AUSPACK 2019

Posted on February 7th, 2019 in News

With its promise to go faster and further than ever before, HMPS will be pulling out all the stops at AUSPACK 2019.

As award-winning machine builders, the company is reinventing itself and its solutions by thinking outside of the box, so to speak! Most recently, HMPS has been involved in the development of packaging machinery that has tested even its own capabilities. Based on this, they can confidently say that there is no packaging requirement that they today cannot meet.

CEO, Shaun Westcott says that HMPS identified the need to boost customers’ productivity. “We incorporated this into our design principles too and based on this, we have developed a new machine modular frame design with multiple layers of benefits”.

HMPS understands that in today’s fast-moving markets, consumer trends change constantly, and producers need the flexibility to adapt to market demands. As such this modular design will ‘future proof’ businesses and provide that much-needed competitive edge.

“HMPS is now able to produce packaging machinery with a faster turnaround time, increased production, improved operational efficiencies and at superior quality – all whilst being more cost effective” says Shaun.

This is the first standardised product of its kind for HMPS. Thanks to the standard design, HMPS can offer improved turn-around time and flexibility which enables the machine to grow with the business. The new frame has a compact and slick design which is both eye-catching and functional on the factory floor. HMPS developed the product based on a standard frame with the ability and option to easily extrapolate and incorporate modifications according to customer requirements.

Much time was also spent on researching and testing the quality of the machine. “With the volume and speed of packing, noise, movement and vibrations need to be considered. Tests have been completed on all materials and components to ensure longevity. A full FEA (Finite Element Analysis) has revealed the stresses on the machine and materials for various loads. The vibration and harmonics of the machine has been tested at varying loads which allows HMPS to select the correct strength of material from the onset to ensure a stable machine with minimal movement” Shaun explains.

HMPS has also partnered with international manufacturers with a global footprint to ensure standardisation and access to parts from anywhere in the world. Machines are also fitted with HMPSConnect – the company’s IIoT solution for remote trouble shooting.

Future retro fitting within similar size ranges is possible. Three standardized frame sizes all built on the same modular principle will be available to cater for differing customer requirements or to provide for potential future expansion for the customer.

The inner workings raise all pneumatics and electrical as well as elements of the frame off the floor, and neatly stowed away overhead, allowing for ease of access, a safer operating environment for the operator and a clear walkway. A washdown version is available, allowing for hygienic operation which is sealed or easily cleanable (a requirement for the food and pharmaceutical industries).

The standardisation of product offering ensures a reduced lead time for design and build when customers buy from HMPS as the leg work as already been done and standard parts for the new frame is manufactured and ready for use on the HMPS factory floor. Customers enjoy a shorter lead time and a standardised frame with set products which in turn means less spare parts and complexity for their after sales service teams as well.

“We look forward to introducing visitors to our new modular frame and to exploring the limitless packaging opportunities which exist when partnering with HMPS” concludes Shaun.

About HMPS:

HMPS is a wholly owned Australian company who specialise in the design, development and manufacturing of high-quality machinery for packaging processes. Starting out as a result of the key wine industry in South Australia, the company designed and developed the first Bag in Box machinery back in the eighties and has since grown to offer case packers, RSC, palletisers, carton erectors and sealers, pick and place applications and specialised robotic solutions.

HMPS are able to offer innovative and specialised machinery which has been adapted to the client’s unique requirements. HMPS machinery is exported to Asia, South Africa, New Zealand, Europe and the USA. Being Australian based, the company uses only local resources and is committed to the local economy.

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