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HMPS to Wow with New Pet Food Case Packer at AUSPACK 2019

Posted on March 25th, 2019 in News

HMPS will be showcasing yet another exciting innovation at AUSPACK 2019. This time, the team will be exhibiting a HMPS5000 Wraparound Case Packer which was custom designed and developed for a pet food company. This time the case packer will be featured in the new slick designed HMPS Compact Frame which was recently named as a finalist in the Awards of Excellence.

It is the first time that the new frame is exhibited in Australia and used for a real customer application. “This is a big moment for HMPS” comments Glen Foreman, Sales Manager SA and QLD.

The customer wanted more automation and less operator involvement whilst needing to meet stringent hygiene standards. The case packer is low-maintenance, easy-clean and adheres to Australian OH&S standards.

In addition, this unit is now fitted with HMPSConnect – HMPS’s IIoT solution which comes standard on all new packaging machines. Some of its benefits include:

  • Real-time communication in an easy-to-read format, delivering meaningful data to improve productivity.
  • A dashboard display, for key operating parameters and performance criteria.
  • Easy access to current and historical data for the ultimate in machine optimisation.
  • Real-time monitoring for real-time control and improvements when required.
  • An enterprise level system to seamlessly integrate with devices such as smart phones and laptops for reduced downtime and on-the-go information, anywhere, anytime.

According to Glen, this unit offers a life expectancy of at least 10 years and offers significant cost savings. “We have set aside parts to keep locally to ensure regular servicing and minimised running costs over the units life span”.

Glen highlights some of the customer benefits:

Quick installation: “HMPS designs, builds and tests all its packaging machines locally. That means a quicker delivery and installation, so you can be up-and-running sooner. Thus, achieving your return on investment sooner,”

Responsive support: “Dealing with an Australian company also means you can rely on a rapid support response. An immediate, “real-time” response,”

HMPS is the largest case packing and palletising machinery builder in Australia: “With over 35 years’ experience supplying systems to Australian and international markets and with 300 plus installations in Australia and New Zealand, HMPS will be there for you through the project and beyond” says Glen.

The application explained

Tubs of 80ml and 100ml was required to be packed at 80 tubs per minute into cartons at  rate of 10 cartons per minute. HMPS managed to get the 80ml tubs up to a speed of 120 per minute.

Space was an issue for which the compact design of the new frame provided a good solution. The handling of the small tubs was a potential risk. The tubs cannot support any accumulation on each other and have a tendency to fall over or trip under pressure. HMPS overcame this problem with clever design.

Tubs are transferred onto the machines infeed conveyor and diverted from a single lane into a multi lane system to create the required number of columns. The required number of tubs are released from the lanes to create a layer of tubs. A servo pick and place system pick up the layer of tubs using finger grippers. The layer is then transferred onto the wraparound blank. This process is repeated for carton configurations which require multiple layers.

Safety first

“All HMPS machines are built to a minimum standard of CAT 3 with a CAT 4 standard on the compressed air system. The case packer is fully guarded with clear 6mm poly carbonate sheet. All internal areas are accessible via guard doors which are electrically interlocked – when a guard door is open the machine cannot run” Glen explains.

Product entry point and shipper exit point are guarded using safety tunnels. Incorporation of the optional Integrated Hot Melt Glue Tank Filling System removes the need for the operator to access the hot melt tank directly removing the risk of burns. The optional hot melt gun protective heat covers remove the risk of burns to the operator while accessing the internals of the machine during normal operation.

“We are excited about exhibiting this unit at Auspack and look forward to receiving customer feedback. The new frame is really slick and the fact that it lights up green when in production and red in the areas where a fault has occurred makes this machine a nifty addition to the HMPS product range. Customers and operators will find it user friendly and easy to deal with” concludes Glen.

About HMPS:

HMPS is a wholly owned Australian company who specialise in the design, development and manufacturing of high-quality machinery for packaging processes. Starting out as a result of the key wine industry in South Australia, the company designed and developed the first Bag in Box machinery back in the eighties and has since grown to offer case packers, RSC, palletisers, carton erectors and sealers, pick and place applications and specialised robotic solutions.

HMPS are able to offer innovative and specialised machinery which has been adapted to the client’s unique requirements. HMPS machinery is exported to Asia, South Africa, New Zealand, Europe and the USA. Being Australian based, the company uses only local resources and is committed to the local economy. Currently the company occupies a large factory facility near Adelaide Airport and employs around 52 staff. Satellite offices are found in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.

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