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Industry News Roundup – July 2021

Posted on July 21st, 2021 in Industry News

 In the drive for modernisation and increased output across existing production lines, one solution is investing in automation and robotics. These can have an immediate impact, although require big investments and can have a wide-ranging effect on your business. However, what are the key considerations when weighing up whether to invest or not? Can you automate existing equipment? What impact will it have on your employees? How do you upskill an existing workforce for the future? What has worked for others and how can you learn from them? Is my factory ready for robots or do I look at cobots?

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In the meantime see what’s happening in automation and robotics news below:

What’s happening in processing:

Lion: Automating for the future

With 15 key beer brands, brewing giant Lion turned to Dematic to automate its largest facility, the Tooheys Brewery in Lidcombe, New South Wales. This story first appeared in the April 2021 edition of Food & Drink Business.

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How resilient is your food company?

The food industry stays strong in any global crisis – it shows resilience, as the experts say. The main reason, plainly speaking, is: people have to eat. Nevertheless, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought new pressures to the industry. The key issue for the future is how the digital resilience of the companies could be improved.

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What’s happening in packaging:

Kuka joins Open IIoT platform

Kuka Robotics Australia has joined Open IIoT, an initiative founded with the mission of delivering valuable, efficient and easy-to-understand information on Industry 4.0, IIoT and other related topics to end-users and the broader manufacturing industry.

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Cobots: Bridging skills and automation gap

As demand for local manufacturing and increased productivity continues to surge, some manufacturers are grappling with an ongoing issue: a shortage of skilled labour. Cobots can step into the breach.

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