Posted on February 11th, 2019 in News

The Jupiter series from StarVac Systems are innovative and intelligent high-speed vacuum packaging machines for the red meat and cheese industry. They are ideally suited for packaging speeds up to 42 packs/minute and can handle all product sizes for the lamb, beef, pork and cheese industries.

The new patented Jupiter high speed vacuum packaging machines represent the latest technology in vacuum packaging equipment. State of the art design and components deliver many advantages including a high packaging rate, small footprint, reduction in energy consumption and environmentally friendly operation. The packaging machines are designed to provide maximum packaging efficiency and can be customized for each individual customer’s request. They are a “Plug and Play” machine, meaning all parts like the vacuum system are integrated inside the machine and no further installation work is required.

StarVac Systems has developed strong partnerships with global suppliers whom we have carefully chosen based on their expertise with supplying their products into the food industry.

The vacuum system is supplied by Busch applying latest vacuum pump technology. The combination of the vacuum system and minimum moving parts of the machines leads to an almost maintenance free machine operation. The machines are designed by applying hygienic design rules and all parts are in stainless steel.

The combination of StarVac Packaging Machines and StarVac EVOH Shrink bags are an ideal combination for all your packaging requirements.

StarVac Systems

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