Made to size on the spot

Posted on November 21st, 2018 in News

Made to size on the spot

A global leader in on demand packaging, Packsize International manufactures several custom packaging machines and has software to sync them with online orders, so that the boxes are made to size on the spot to match with the order. The Australian subsidiary is Packsize Pty Ltd, which has already delivered many solutions for customers here in Australia since being established three years ago, according to managing director Sean Ledbury.

Packsize’s PackBot industrial service robot, equipped with PackNet production and optimisation software, produces right-sized corrugated packaging on demand, automates manual work on a packaging line and helps overcome challenges associated with labour shortages, throughput and reliability.

Modular design simplifies assembly of customised equipment. The scalable system is based on the new Packsize Global Modular Architecture, which combines flexibility, speed and sustainability. These attributes simplify machine design, installation and maintenance, boost efficiency and enhance sustainability.

The company says the increase in demand for products online has led to the expansion of the e-commerce market, resulting in increased usage of corrugated packaging for the shipment of products sold.

The solutions offered by Packsize range from its smaller IQ Fusion 2 and the iQ3 up to the highly automated M1, X4 and X7 machines which were shown at the recent Pack Expo in Chicago.  Packsize has a solution for every need. Described by Packsize as ‘next generation’, the M1, X4 and X7 minimise operating, material, and shipping costs.

Packsize says that by producing minimal, 100 per cent recyclable corrugated packaging that protects against damage, the system also addresses the continued trend toward right size packaging that delivers better protection of the product being shipped whilst reducing waste, lowering shipping cost and improving the impact of packaging on the environment.

Adding to the space-saving design of this automated packaging system are several integration options that increase the machine’s portability and flexibility in dynamic fulfilment environments and allow direct communication from a customer’s warehouse management system to Packsize’s PackNet software that allows Packsize to determine the optimal package size for each order.

According to Packsize its PackNet.Server production and optimisation software provides a complete sustainable packaging solution to companies requiring customised cartons and faster throughput.

 Packsize Pty Ltd are exhibiting at AUSPACK on stand H085.

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