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27 Apr 2022

Carbon Fibre extruded profile

Profilium Stand: C020

CarboSix is the world’s only carbon fibre t-slot profile system

CarboSix has been developed by Alusic. It is the world’s only module profile in carbon fibre. The flexural mechanical properties of carbon fibre profiles offer significant advantages to the automation and industrial manufacturing industries compared to aluminum profile because of carbon fibre’s unique features.

Why is CarboSix unique?

  • You use it like aluminium.
  • Structural modularity of aluminium and same processing, from cutting to perforation
  • Accessories like aluminium and identical installation and fastening systems
  • High dimensional precision (narrow tolerance range)
  • Certified mechanical properties
  • Available in 6-metre bars


  • Automation and Robotics
  • High-performance structures
  • Wherever very low bending is required
  • Wherever structural lightness is required
  • Metrology
  • General applications, such as packaging and special machinery
  • Handling and Transport
  • Wherever high acceleration and low inertia is required
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