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SureFill 42 Aseptic Bag in Box Filling Equipment

Scholle IPN Stand: G100

This machine features advanced bag-in-box aseptic technologies that allow for filling of single-fitment bags both with—and without—a hose. Once packaged, aseptically-processed goods can be distributed through ambient supply chains, without reliance on cold-chain logistics.

  • Advanced bag-in-box filling technologies that delivers versatility for Fresh, High-Acid Aseptic, Low-Acid Aseptic, and ESL processors. The SureFill 42 allows you to fill single-fitment bags, both with and without a hose, greater than 21 liters
  • Clean-in-place (CIP) and sterilize-in-place (SIP) machine cycles are applicable. CIP cycle controlled by filler programming, works in line with your existing CIP system to complete the CIP circuit
  • An ideal solution for dairy, dairy based beverages, smoothies, condiments and sauces 



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