Proseal Looks to the Future

Posted on February 7th, 2019 in News

Proseal’s proactive new product development programme continues to focus on delivering tray sealing solutions that provide the necessary speed, reliability and quality for today’s food packs while also having the capability to be adapted for future requirements.

Recent years have seen the introduction of many new pack types. As well as the different shapes and designs of trays, there are now a wide variety of sealing requirements in addition to traditional atmospheric sealing, including Gas Flush, Hermetic Shrink, Vacuum, Skin Pack, Skin Plus and Skin Deep.

These bring with them a number of challenges.  Companies need the flexibility to be able to respond to changing market requirements and consumer demands in their style of pack.    At the same time, they must be able to explore any new pack options while maintaining current production.  Equally significant, the proliferation of new products and pack types means that manufacturers may have to handle a variety of different packs on a single line.

Meanwhile the need for speed and efficiency on the production and packing line remains essential.

Proseal has addressed these challenges by ensuring its GT range of tray sealers can handle all types of pack on the same machine and that the different formats can be sealed using the same tooling.  This gives users the ability easily to switch between packs during normal production with minimal downtime, and to run trial packs.

Another focus of the company’s development work has been on future-proofing its models.  There is little point having a machine that is fast and efficient if it is not able to cope with newer pack formats.

Proseal’s GT platform is therefore designed to be completely adaptable in order to incorporate the latest developments.  For every feature introduced into new models, the company also ensures that it can be retrofitted to existing machines so that all customers keep up-to-date with latest trends.

In this way, food companies can be well equipped to cope with ever-changing market requirements without the need to invest in new machines each time.

Identifying the most appropriate pack format for different products can be a challenge in itself.  Proseal therefore also provides its own testing facilities with services such as shelf-life trials and seal integrity testing that help food manufacturers identify their ideal tray packaging solutions.

“We aim to create the relevant production and pack conditions for customers to test and trial their products,” explains Proseal’s Test Facility Manager Jessie Malone.  “One growing trend, for example, is the use of sustainable and recyclable packaging materials.”

Proseal already has a strong reputation for the development of pioneering technologies that have helped to maximise tray sealing performance, reliability and efficiency.  A prime example is the company’s pioneering E-seal® technology that ensures excellent seal reliability to meet the stringent quality requirements of the food retail sector. It provides an increased seal force of 600% while achieving a 92% reduction in energy usage that also delivers valuable cost savings and sustainability benefits.

An innovative feature that has improved throughput is the company’s Pro-Motion system, which uses following motion and intelligent buffering technology to enable trays to feed continuously into the sealer without having to pre-sort and adjust pack spacing.  This results in an increase from 15 cycles to 20 cycles per minute, equivalent to an additional 30 packs per minute with a six-impression tool.  Product handling is also improved with fewer line stoppages due to misplaced trays.

Another advanced feature is the Pro-Tect user login security system, which provides different levels of authorisation access for individual personnel.  The system keeps a log of information inputted for full traceability in the event of any problems, and any attempt to log in above a person’s level of authorisation will also be registered and recorded.

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