Schur Star introduces piping hot solution for bags

Posted on January 11th, 2019 in News

Spain’s largest foie gras producer has turned to Schur Star piping bags for its new product line, allowing consumers to dose and decorate with the product themselves.

The bag doubles both as a container and a dosing and decoration tool, making it ideal for delicacies like foie gras meant to be eaten in small portions, according to the manufacturer.

“After having cut off the tip of the bag, the consumer may dose exactly the desired quantity of foie gras and pipe rosettes or swirls like a professional chef,” says Schur. “The bag is decorated with a clean and stylish design, enabling the product itself to play the lead role and appeal to the gourmet consumer.”

Not only for foie gras, the Schur Star Piping Bag was developed for pastry and semi-liquid products that require convenient dosing, including sauce, jam, mayonnaise, icing, and whipped cream.

“Laminate constructions with excellent barrier properties are available, offering optimal storage capabilities for the specific product,” says Schur. “If required, a rigid nose cone, possibly with a reclosable cap, can be inserted into the bag before the product is filled; also features like suspension holes, a reclosable zipper and a nick for easy opening are available.”

The Schur Star concept employs both the premade bags, linked together on a string, and the Schur Star packaging machine. This ensures a smooth process, the company says.

“The foie gras is filled in a fully automatic packing process – and the length of the filling line makes it possible to employ double filling, resulting in increased production capacity despite the delicate product,” says Schur. “After filling, the bags are pasteurised and finally a thermal transfer printer adds sell-by date and product identification codes.”

Schur Star Systems Australia will exhibit on stand H166 at AUSPACK 2019.