AUSPACK | 26 – 29 March 2019, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

26 – 29 March 2019, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

Shelf Smarts

In this age of hyper-connectivity and the Internet of Things, it's no surprise that intelligent packaging is emerging as a powerful interface between brand and consumer, enabling the development of experience-rich marketing campaigns, relaying vital information on nutritional content and product provenance and providing a platform for authentication, traceability, and brand protection.

AUSPACK brings you an update on how far intelligent packaging technology has come, and gives you examples of commercial applications from the global and local market.

Intelligent packaging actively protecting brands, consumers

In the past decade, active and intelligent packaging (A&IP) has slowly and continually evolved — quietly. Initially, the sector was more a scientific developmental area of packaging, looking at how to preserve food shelf life and better protect its quality, including some form of communicating product information to the consumer.

However, after beginning to gather speed in the past five years, it’s really in the past 12 months that A&IP has accelerated, with innovation in the sector benefiting a broad spectrum of stakeholders, including  brand owners, packaging manufacturers, logistics and transport companies, research institutes and of course the A&IP product and service providers themselves... read more.


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