Show Floor Seminars

dive deeper in to solutions and solve complex problems with our show floor seminars

For 2022, AUSPACK has expanded the popular show floor seminar series to dive deeper in to solutions that solve complex problems and provide education.

We’ll now have two educational theatres on the show floor. Each will operate from opening to closing across 4 days, with presentations lasting for 30 minutes. These curated sessions will provide in depth overviews of technology, solutions and strategies. With seating for 50+ people in each, the theatres will provide a focal point for learning.

The content will be focused on 14 key areas:-

  • Packaging & packing materials
  • Processing & equipment
  • Future Manufacturing
  • Sustainability/circularity
  • Technology/data & analytics
  • Meat processing
  • Supply Chain
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Consumer Trends
  • Packaging Design
  • Future Warehouse
  • Cyber/Network Security Procurement
  • Future Trends

Program coming soon

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