Small slice, huge pie

Posted on October 24th, 2018 in News

You might not think corrugated packaging, with its huge runs of identical brown boxes, would be an especially fertile market for digital printing. Yet here, too, there’s vast potential for digital, according to Andy Yarrow, Asia-Pacific director at EFI. “I think the opportunity for digital in corrugated is bigger than the opportunity for digital labels,” he said. “The total corrugated market is worth about $116 billion per year, and labels are only worth around $45 billion.”

Digital makes up a tiny percentage of the total corrugated market – but even that small slice can present huge value for converters who invest in digital corrugated presses like EFI’s Nozomi C18000. Among them is Orora, which purchased a pair of Nozomis this year for its plants in the United States and Melbourne. Brian Lowe, group general manager of Orora Fibre, says digital offers a wealth of branding and marketing opportunities for brand owners, thanks to its capacity for variable data printing. “If they want to do sequential packaging, naming promotions, different QR codes on every single box, all of those would be available with this technology. They can also consistently change and update their branding position in the market,” he said.

Though traditional methods will always have a place, it’s clear that digital is the future of packaging print, whichever sector you look at. As short runs and versioning grow, converters should think seriously about investing in digital kit to keep up with the pace.