Smart logistics that step-up the value chain

Posted on January 19th, 2017 in News

Elettric 80 will illustrate the latest smart logistics innovations, solutions designed to help enterprises to enhance their value chain. Visitors will see Elettric 80’s logistics systems, including applications for palletizing and automated conditioning and storing products of different types and sizes (packs, cans, bottles and bundles).

Just some words to illustrate some of the components Elettric 80 can integrate into their systems: However, Elettric 80 prepares for each customer a tailor made project to meet their specific needs.

High-speed DRAGON robot with motor-operated fork gripper easily handles cans, bottles and packages of various types and formats without requiring mechanical adjustments. Palletizing layouts are configured with the utmost flexibility, while the set-up can be serviced and cleaned much faster than a conventional palletizer.

SmartStore high density warehousing system that operates in conjunction with a counterbalanced LGV CB 25. SmartStore is an ultra-flexible high density warehousing system controlled by the Smart Decision Maker (SDM) management software designed by Elettric 80. SmartStore can pick up and match outgoing pallets with different codes, and perform the same operation for incoming pallets. Here, the LGV CB 25 is used for handling pallets of finished product entering and leaving the SmartStore: it is a truly versatile vehicle and is ideal both for ground-level storage and for truck loading. It can lift 2 pallets with heavy loads to as much as 6.5 meters in height.

Conditioning systems for BEMA SILKWORM range for palletized products Speed, quality and flexibility in a small size and compact layout: these are the plus features of the BEMA systems, able to condition the sturdiest to the most delicate product while handling pallets of different sizes and types.
The pioneering SILKWORM technology is protected by numerous European and international patents.

Elettric 80 also offer vast range of LGV’s

LGV CB 08 small in size but large in performance. Since this system is fully electric, it is ideal for food and beverage installations that must conform to extremely stringent sanitary regulations. Thanks to its small size, it can operate effortlessly where space is at a premium and can be used for simple tasks alongside the more complicated operations performed by the LGV fleets.

LGV CB 16 for rack storage including drive-in. This LGV is ideal for truck loading as it can raise individual pallets as high as 6.5 m and operate in warehouses with very narrow aisles.

LGV CB Reach 20 is useful for storing individual pallets, which are lifted from ground level to over 10 m in height. Ideal for use in conjunction with human workers in warehouses where picking is performed. When called by the operator, Reach 20 prepares the pallets of product on the ground and then sets them in the required positions. Advantages: enhanced operator safety and less stress when products must be stored at great heights; higher productivity and fewer errors.

The entire system is managed by Elettric 80 Smart Decision Maker (SDM) software, which monitors and controls the entire production process, thereby guaranteeing its total traceability, with user-friendly terminals and an interface simple to configure.

Elettric 80 will also provide after-sales services, an integral part of the offer while providing customer peace of mind and guaranteeing the value of the investment over time. Visitors will be able to obtain in-depth information about all issues, namely: assistance packages, 24H on-line and remote assistance, spare parts, software upgrades and training courses.

Elettric80 systems are used worldwide for beverages, food and tissues products. Some of Elettric 80’s customers in Australia and New Zealand are: Schweppes, Azaleo, Foster, Coca Cola Amatil and Carlsberg (Sweden), Heinz (Canada), Niagara Waters (U.S.A.), AG Barr (United Kingdom), S. Anna di Vinadio, Barilla and Ferrero (Italy), Garcia Carrion, Damm, Mahou S.Miguel and CocaCola Iberian Partners (Spain), Grupo Modelo/Constellation Brands (Mexico), Lindley (Peru), Femsa (Argentina), Grupo Andina (Chile).

Technical details, video clips and demo animations are available from

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