Ben Lannan

Partner - International Trade at PwC Australia

Ben’s focus concentrates on Value Chain Transformation (VCT) and International Trade initiatives, helping businesses to improve international commercial operations through leading practice operational, tax, and trade planning and compliance. Ben has successfully managed a range of complex projects to develop, implement and maintain innovative business models encompassing system, people and process change. Ben’s passion is for innovative technologies that can change the way businesses work.

Ben is a Partner in the PwC International Trade Team based in Melbourne.  He has over 20 years full time experience in VCT and international trade. As a partner of PwC Ben has also worked closely with a number of multinational businesses to reconfigure supply chains, facilitate better cross functional ways of working and refine cross border regulatory compliance.


13.30 – 14.00 | Wednesday 27, March 2019

Keynote: The current export landscape

This session will consider the evolving global trade landscape with a focus on free trade agreements and the situation with Brexit, antidumping and other trade restrictive measures being applied by Governments around the world and how industry should respond.


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