Dr Katie Spearritt

CEO - Diversity Partners

Dr Katie Spearritt is Chief Executive Officer of Diversity Partners, a specialist consultancy that helps companies to achieve diversity progress and create more inclusive and high performing work environments.

After two decades in leadership roles in Australian and global firms (Hewlett Packard, Coles Group, NAB), Katie founded Diversity Partners in 2009 as a strategic partner to organisations wanting to progress diversity and inclusion. Since then, Diversity Partners has worked with more than 300 organisations, including a range of firms in the manufacturing sector in Australia.

Katie has been a member of BP’s global academy on diversity and inclusion and is the Australian associate of Pearn Kandola, a leading UK-based consultancy. She holds a PhD in Business & Economics from Monash University, Melbourne.


14.30 – 15.20 | Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Closing Keynote: Strength through Diversity

Diversity and inclusion are increasingly recognised as mainstream business issues, prioritised by Boards and CEO’s in leading companies in Australia. That’s because research shows innovation, better decision-making, and higher productivity comes from well-managed teams with a diversity of backgrounds (such as gender and culture) and different thinking approaches.
But if the benefits of diversity are so obvious, why don’t we see more in Australian companies, and the packaging industry in particular?

A key barrier is unconscious bias – the automatic stereotypes and assumptions we make about people that influence our behaviour. We all have these biases so ingrained we hardly notice them.
Dr Katie Spearritt will explore the importance of diversity and an inclusive work environment for organisations – small, medium or large – in the packaging industry. She’ll share actions we can take to break stereotyped associations that inhibit diversity and innovation.

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