Ian Jenson

Program Manager Market Access Science & Technology - Meat & Livestock Australia

Ian Jenson is a microbiologist with degrees in microbiology and biotechnology, and has conducted research on innovation processes. He has worked in microbiological research, quality, food safety and customer technical services in both industrial fermentation and food industries in Australia and a number of other countries. Ian’s food experience includes and wide range of food products as well as meat. He has been active in professional associations in Australia and internationally, has authored or co-authored over 40 scientific publications or book chapters, and made presentations at a number of Australian and international conferences. For the past 17 years Ian has led the Australian red meat industry’s food safety research program, working with scientists in Australia to understand how to manage risks associated with meat products, control of meat hygiene, management of shelf life and providing maintaining consumer trust. He also works with the meat supply chain, Australian and importing country standards setters and regulators to ensure that Australian meat is internationally recognised as a safe and quality product.


14.00 – 14.30 | Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Case study: Smart Packaging – Technology in Practice – Vacuum packed red meat: real-time management of shelf life in the supply chain

Vacuum packed, chilled, red meat has a long shelf life in supply chains – as long as the temperature is controlled. But how much is shelf life affected by the temperature fluctuations experienced between processor and customer? MLA, in conjunction with the University of Tasmania, has developed a predictive model for vacuum packed beef and sheep meats. This model is now being used, with near to real time collection of temperature data, to predict and manage customer experience of red meat products. Possibilities are also being explored to produce a visual sensor that will indicate that shelf life is near its end. Not only will these approaches ensure a great consumer experience, it will also avoid product waste through the application of arbitrary shelf life or discarding product with a doubtful history.

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