John Baird

CEO - Ultimo Digital Technologies

John’s passion lies in the role that technology can play in driving forward an organisation. As a technologist at heart, his career has been built on his ability to marry ICT and its broadest and most innovative applications with the needs of a business.

John is currently also Chairman of the Cyber Security Advisory Council of the NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation.

John is a former CSIRO scientist and previous roles also include CTO at Deutsche Bank, VP at Credit Suisse, Technology Manager at Grant Thornton & Head of IT at Toshiba International Corporation.


11.45 – 12.30 | Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Keynote: How Blockchain and IoT Provide Full Traceability of the Supply Chain

Hear how Ultimo Digital Technologies, with their world-leading supply chain management ecosystem named UCOT, are combining blockchain and IoT technologies to provide full traceability of the supply chain.

UCOT’s small IoT sensors, which can be embedded in a product’s packaging, have their own battery life and report information from the supply chain directly to a secure blockchain database in real time (which is a world first). The sensors report on GPS, shipping conditions and whether a product has been tampered with or stolen in real time, without the need for any third parties to scan barcodes or QR codes. The technology flows through to the end customer who has the ability to scan the product to ensure its authenticity and safety.

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