Peter Hern

Country Manager, Sales Development Manager - Universal Robots SEAO

With a wealth of experience in the technology, industrial automation and with a focus in engineering, sales and marketing, Peter has deep understanding on how automation and robotics can effectively and efficiently be integrated into businesses with minimum disruption and for maximum business results.

Prior to joining Universal Robots, Peter worked with ABB Group in both Dubai and Singapore as Regional Market Development Manager, Baldor Australia as Acting Manager Director, Baldor Electric Co as Chief Representative (Indonesia), Rockwell Automation as China Sales Manager, Rockwell Automation ANZ as Regional Sales Manager.


11.45 – 12.30  | Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Keynote: Robotics and Automation – The Rise of the Cobot

The Fourth Industrial Revolution AKA Industry 4.0 is the norm today – virtually every step in a process can be recorded and the data is available in real-time. Industrial automation including robotics has allowed great leaps in productivity and quality while the simplification of the automation has made it more accessible for smaller manufacturers.

While Industry 4.0 focuses on the machine, Industry 5.0 puts the focus back on the Humans. Collaborative robots -as the name suggests – are designed to collaborate with humans rather than replace them. This paper will discuss some of the benefits.

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