Richard Roberts

MES Operations Manager and Senior Consultant - ZI-ARGUS

Open IIoT is a newly launched group who came together out of a need to demystify a complex topic – Industry 4.0. The group aims to provide valuable, efficient and easy to understand information about Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things and related topics.

The group is able to assist with the “how to” of implementation in order for customers to unlock the potential commercial value of IIoT in their business.
We ask and answer the real world questions – What are the pathways? How does having an Industry 4.0 factory make a difference to how a company does business and the bottom line. What is the cost involved not only in dollars but in time and resource to get a company up to speed on Industry 4.0? We need to have the commercial conversation about Industry 4.0, not only the tech talk which is often a push on products and components.

Australian manufacturing needs to overcome the IoT learning curve and catch up to international manufacturing at a rapid speed. Our group aims help the manufacturers in our economy get ahead of the curve as soon as possible.

The group is made up of global brands: SMC Corporation, NORD Drivesystems, Balluff, Beckhoff Automation and ZI-Argus. The group will be represented on the panel by Richard Roberts, MES Operations Manager & Senior Consultant at ZI-ARGUS. Richard has been involved in multiple Industry 4.0 implementations and brings with him international and local experience on the topic. In the Open IIoT Group Richard and his team assist with consultation, design, support and are responsible for project management and implementation of projects




11.00 – 11.45 | Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Panel: 4.0 in Practice. Taking the Leap of Faith

Empirical evidence has shown that those manufacturers who have embarked on smart factory projects have reaped huge rewards including increased supply chain visibility, improved efficiencies, reduced waste, higher customer satisfaction, traceability and product genealogy and a healthier bottom line. This panel discussion and Q&A opportunity moderated by Smart Factories Mentor John Broadbent will explain how Industry 4.0 works in practice, what technologies you should be embracing in order to compete locally and internationally and most importantly, how to go about it.

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