AUSPACK is returning to the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre between 26-29 March 2019.  AUSPACK embodies the innovation of the food, beverage and pharmaceutical processing and packaging industry. Join us in Melbourne to experience more than 350 exhibitors unveiling the latest technology to more than 7,000 hyper targeted industry professionals.

Opening Hours:

Tuesday 26 March, 9.00 – 17.00
Wednesday 27 March, 9.00 – 17.00
Thursday 28 March, 9.00 – 17.00
Friday 29 March, 9.00 – 15.00

Registration opens from 8.15 each day and closes at 17.00 Tuesday – Thursday and 15.00 on Friday.

global trends being showcased at auspack include:

As global markets grow and demand for a greater variety of packaged goods increases, the processing and packaging machinery sector is advancing apace in order to equip manufacturing plants with technology that meets rapidly changing end-user and retailer demands. At AUSPACK 2019, outstanding packaging & processing machinery will set benchmarks for speed, flexibility and fast changeover capability designed to optimise production efficiency and increase overall equipment effectiveness.

With a rise in counterfeiting, and growing concerns over food security and safety globally, having the means to authenticate a product, trace its origin, track its journey in the supply chain and provide complete transparency regarding the provenance of ingredients is paramount.

Track-and-trace capability also provides access to data that can drive production and supply chain efficiency.The coding and marking sector has risen to thechallenge, providing a range of solutions in the form ofQR codes, serialisation and other unique identification
tagging options. The latest coding and intelligent marking products and systems will find pride of place in the AUSPACK 2019 exhibition halls.

Traceability and identification solutions also fall under the umbrella of Active & Intelligent Packaging, a new and fast growing industry sector that is emerging as a powerful interface between brand and consumer. Using smart-device enabled visual recognition technology linked to augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) applications, brands can deliver enable experience-rich marketing campaigns via their packaging. Intelligent packaging can also serve to provide vital information on nutritional content, shelf life and cold chain integrity. AUSPACK 2019 will provide a view of how far smart packaging has come.

Aligning with two major market drivers in the packaging space – the demand for flexibility in the face of increasing SKUs, and the need to create meaningful brand experiences through the packaging interface – digital printing for packaging and labels is coming into its own. The value of digital packaging print is predicted to double between 2013 – 2018, according to Smithers Pira, and by 2018 the global digital print market will be worth US $17 billion. AUSPACK 2019 will showcase the significant benefits of being able to respond to market demands rapidly and customise printed packaging to create meaningful consumer experiences.

When it comes to packaging formats and closures, a strong focus for converters is to supply products that meet the call for convenience and accessibility: packs in convenient sizes and formats, that are easy to handle, open and reseal, while also providing child resistance and tamper evidence. From pouches to cans, zip locks to CRC caps, and everything in between, AUSPACK 2019 will present a colourful array of the latest packaging containers and closures.

Amazon’s imminent arrival in the Australian market is a driving force for e-commerce to take off in Australia, as retailers large and small are under pressure to improve their online shopping platforms. Catering to this channel, innovation is emerging in the area of custom bagging and on-demand carton making fulfillment systems for secondary packaging, as well as packaging delivery via drones. AUSPACK 2019 will provide a window on packaging solutions for the exploding e-commerce sector.

The proliferation of craft/artisan brands in the food and beverage sector, has prompted equipment manufacturers to address a growing need for small batch brewing/processing systems and packaging lines that can offer flexible, short run solutions. AUSPACK
2019 will give start-ups and SMEs a wide selection of entry-level and customised systems.

Robotic automation is not new; however, the rate of adoption is increasing exponentially. The World Robotics 2016 Industrial Robots Report stated that by 2019, close to 2.6 million robots will be working worldwide. While most robotics employed in Australian food, beverage and pharma manufacturing are in the end-of-line zone, there’s growing interest in the upstream use of robots and cobots. You won’t go far at AUSPACK 2019 without bumping into a cobot or robot.

What will the factory and warehouse of the future look like? It’s predicted manufacturing facilities will witness an unprecedented rate of change over the next decade, as emerging technologies like AR, VR and AI take hold and smart glasses, goggles and headsets become ubiquitous workwear. Highlighting materials handling innovation, AUSPACK 2019 will showcase the latest in
production and warehousing improvement, including the role of robots, integrated and automated palletising and wrapping, and automated guided vehicles in engineering the factory of the future.

auspack 2017 was a huge success...

AUSPACK 2017 saw a record breaking show, with the largest space occupied, the biggest display of exhibitors and brands on offer and the largest contingent of international exhibitors. 

Total Attendance
Qualified VIP Buyers
Exhibiting Companies
International Exhibitors
Global Brands
Square meters of space

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